Mr. Marbles (xxpinkxx) wrote,
Mr. Marbles


I love it:

you buy fried chicken at a bake sale
your drill team is really a getto Stomp
you step on numerous pieces of hairweave in the hallway
you always have school no matter how much snow there is
you have never actually seen your principal
you know what the OCC is short for
you have ever been drunk during a school dance
you have ever been drunk during school
you know who supercop is
all the odd numbered rooms are on one side, and even on the other, and the middle is a big jumble of rooms that had no place to go
you tripped on the carpets as a freshman
you still trip on the carpets as a senior
you have gotten water on your pants from the 3rd floor girls bathroom sink
you've been hit on by a certain physics teacher
you know fiziks iz phun
you witnessed the death of a goldfish at the hands of Sawyer
you have ever been drunk at the pond
bonus points if it was a weekday
your 10th grade history teacher either owned his own photocopier, or had a "wrestlers curve"
your junior prom is at Bumpers Cafe
you know what the beedee trail was, rip
you know what the Brew Crew was
you look forward to summer cause of 40 nights at National
riding your bike is the only transportaion you need
youve stepped over dorags on the ground
no senior class EVER has done a senior prank
being white actually makes you the minority in school
you have ever been drunk at Tulip Fest
the former SUNY baseball head coach, is now your basketball coach, and the baseball coach, is drunk
youve ever stood up on a lunch table to watch a fight
you dont know what your study hall teacher looks like
you have study hall at brueggers instead
Tony has ever watered down your bench
you dont really go to the football games to watch the game
all your friends are employees of the Daskalakis
you can spell Daskalakis right
"d'way Lovin Trisha" is writen on every desk youve ever sat in
your schools most competitive sports are flip cup and beer pong
a box with the word "bomb" written on it left in the courtyard causes wide spread panic
you still see the same guys at parties who have been going to them since they were seniors in high school, and are now seniors in college
you have gotten frost bite from the second floor girls bathroom sink
indoor track runs laps around the cafeterias
the only way you get a lettermen jacket, is by making it yourself
you know that it ain't right and who Little Benny is
you were ever Pencil Queen for Mr. Pete
your math teacher was one of the following: a chain smoker who used projectors like they were goin out of style, a nun-penguin, or had a pair of glasses for every holiday
9th grade global was really kindergarden, coloring in maps
you have laughed at a Saranelli joke or justed lauged at DeMarcs
you can recite all the Sawyer-isms
you trip up the stairs
when you do, you hear, "oooooh white girl/boy got broke"
the man, Lionel Chalmers graduated from your school
you have ever attended Athletes and Expectations
you have ever been to a Petersen party
teachers marry their students
Fly 92's DJ Brian Cody's mom is your lunch lady
the track team could never hold home meets because the track was deemed unsafe
the tennis courts are located in the middle of the forest, or so you would think from all the weeds growing on them
the basketball courts are actually just ground with a sewer drain in the middle and poles with backboards, no hoops
you know what the word trife means
the crowning achievment of your 4 years was when you won Physical Education Student of the Month and youre still not sure why
the cheerleaders get booed at the homecoming pep rally
everyday you see at least one kid wearin an "R.I.P." shirt
you've skipped school to go to a protest promoting education
someone has ever knocked into you, then said "EXCUSE YOU!"
your class starts with 850 freshmen and ends with 450 seniors
everybody is everybody else's cousin
having a "fatty" is a positive attribute
every morning the announcements remind you of how and when it's appropraite to cross the street
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