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eternal words from an eternal lush

Mr. Marbles
3 December
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Baby, You Just Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

i support hot gay sex.

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I Like my music loud, my beer cold..and my homosexuals flaaaming.

La vita è bella

30 seconds to mars, 50 cent, 80s, ac/dc, afi, alkaline trio, andrew wk, ani difranco, animal rights, armor for sleep, atreyu, axl rose, b-movies, bette midler, bettie page, billy joel, black eyeliner, blind melon, blindside, blood for blood, blue oyster cult, body modification, boys with acoustic gutairs, brad pitt, brand new, cat stevens, cher, christian slater, christina ricci, christopher walken, classic rock, coldplay, comedy, conan o'brien, count the stars, craziness, dave matthews band, david bowie, donnie darko, drinking, edward norton, elvis, emo, fag hags, fashioncore, feminism, fight club, frida khalo, from autumn to ashes, get up kids, gin blossoms, grateful dead, guns n roses, gwar, hardcore, hoodies, hot hot heat, i love the 80s, incubus, indie films, jack johnson, jake gyllenhaal, janes addiction, jared leto, jesse lacey, jimmy urine, joan jett, johnny depp, justin timberlake, kill bill, kurt cobain, las vegas, laughing, lfo, lil kim, maggie gyllenhaal, makeup, making out, margaret cho, mariah carey, marilyn monroe, metal, mindless self indulgence, missy elliot, moshpits, most precious blood, natalie merchant, nonpoint, nyc, old school madonna, oldies, oral sex, painkillers, phantom planet, phish, piercings, pills, pin-ups, pink (the color), pink floyd, pirates, poison the well, pop music, portishead, pulp fiction, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, red nailpolish, rent, rentheads, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rock and roll, saved by the bell, saves the day, secretary, seinfeld, self-injury, serial killers, sex and the city, shadows fall, short hair, shows, small breasts, soft rock, stanley kubrick, swingers, sworn enemy, taking back sunday, tattoos, the big lebowski, the golden girls, the goodwill, the goonies, the simpsons, the used, thrusday, tori amos, true romance, veganism, vegetarians, vince vaughn, watered-down rock, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard